Our Vision

Imagine a world where every idea has its place.
Where everyone is empowered to create tangible innovations.
A world where personal goals don't get in the way of collaboration.
Where complex processes feel natural, easy & guided, where work means having fun.

Organizations turn into communities working together for a common goal.
That is the future we envision. And it's what VISPA is built for.

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Our Motto

Virtual but Natural

Our motto “virtual but natural” guides us along our journey and is one of the main reasons why VISPA is 3-dimensional. Because we all live in a 3-dimensional world. We utilize state-of-the-art 3d virtual technologies but want to keep the experience very natural and close to what our users know from the real world - but without the limitations of the physical world.

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Ingredient #1


For efficient collaboration and great results you need one thing: Engagement.
Your team needs to be engaged in what you are working on and getting into the FLOW.

We design VISPA so that collaboration is never boring, always includes a fun element and boosts engagement.

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Ingredient #2


Virtual collaboration can be complex, especially if the topic you are working on is challenging. What you need is guidance. Be it visual guidance in a 3D space or methodical guidance in the workshop you are doing.

VISPA offers you guidance to collaborate better and achieve the best possible results. Through intuitive collaboration features, easy to use templates & inspiration and more and more automation.

Ingredient #3


Great results and innovations are always a team effort. Working as a team together can only be topped by working as a whole community. A business that collaborates and shares like a community is open to new things and can innovate much better than a few well-managed teams.

VISPA provides you everything you need to bring your experts together & foster an innovative culture. Our VISPA community helps and inspires each other.

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