Where teams have fun.

If you can't or won't meet up for a team dinner to bond and grow - we have the remote fun solution for you. 


Join our virtual, guided team building program to have fun with your team and improve core team skills.

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VISPA Remote Teambuilding

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It's a no brainer!

We handle it all - preparation, moderation, and guidance. Get valuable feedback to empower your team. Just pick your preferred video call solution, and dive into our thrilling game straight from your web browser.

No effort for you - we got you covered!
Guided Teambuilding

Fun is not all you get!

Our remote team building games are designed to test and improve core team skills such as communication, problem solving, creativity, decision making and more.

Yes, you will have fun. But the impact will be far greater.

Improve Skills Teambuilding

It's a serious business game.

Dive in our virtual 3D escape game. Build your own avatar, celebrate your team's diversity and solve challenges together as a team.
Simple and user-friendly, yet also a test for your team.

Can your team work together efficiently?

Business Game Serious

Fully loaded with fun and team work

Check out impressions from one of our immersive team challenges

Are you ready to have fun?

We only have limited spots left in our next program. Talk to us in a short demo, ask us anything and learn more about how your team can join.
Don't worry. We don't bite.

Why should you take part?

Benefits for you and your team
Challenges we solve
  • Your team has fun together & connects on a personal level
  • You improve communication & enhance core team skills
  • You increase trust & strengthen leadership within your team
  • You create a positive team culture & joint success
Benefits of remote teambuilding
  • Help your islolated team become a remote power squad
  • Solve communication issues in a playful way
  • Turn a deficiency in motivation & creativity into super powers of innovation
  • Turn high fluctuation into “I want to work here”



Improve Team

3 steps to a happy & successful team

1. Setup

In a short call we assess your team status quo and current happiness level.
Based on that, we prepare your journey of remote activities.

2. Team Games

Dive into 3-12 virtual game sessions every 4 weeks for 45 minutes with your team. The sessions are fully moderated (game master) and packed with fun.

3. Results

Reflect on your team's experience and uncover valuable insights.
We identify key learnings to continue your team's growth in their daily work.

Don't want to talk to us directly?

No problem. Just send us your question and we will provide you with everything you want to know.
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