VISPA is as versatile as your needs regarding virtual collaboration.
Simple, efficient and fun to use.

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Engaging group collaboration

Virtual Workshops

VISPA is perfect for virtual workshops. They are the essence of virtual collaboration. A clear agenda with clear methods to go from initial goal to clearly defined next steps.

VISPA provides you with all the tools you need to host your virtual workshops in a beautiful 3D space where everyone is happy to participate.

Use activation games in 3D space to boost engagement.
You will be surprised how much fun you can create and how much better your group's workshops results will be.

From Problem to Solution

Design Thinking

The essence of innovation processes. For us Design Thinking is a mindset, something that you need to understand and a way to go from a vague idea of a problem to a developed and tested prototype.

With VISPA Prototyping you can now finally develop and design your solution in a 3D-space. Something that can't be done with any other collaboration tool.
Turn your prioritized ideas into tangible prototypes, that can be presented and tested in your space.

Start with our Design Thinking Space Template and get going fast.

Building a great foundation

Virtual Project Kick-Off

At the start of every project you set the tone for everything that follows. This is why kick-offs are so important.

A healthy mix of teambuilding, problem identification and planning of work packages and tasks is crucial.

You really want team-members to get to know each other but also learn to efficiently work together.

Get your experts in a 3D space and start your project right.

Fun fact: your kick-off space can easily be the starting point for a continuously used virtual project space.

Group Prototype

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